If you can code and want to change the future.

Work starts June 12th and we’re paying £5,000 for the best product.

Count me in


You care about your city and want to build a product to improve it. You also want to see your product used in over 23,000 other cites and just generally improve the better portion of humanity. Good on you.


We’re keeping it local and virtual plus paying the best product 5k. We’ll then take that product across our network of cities. Next stop is Miami. Pack your sunblock and see you on South Beach. First cubano on us.


Officially we start the 12th, but we welcome you to join us at the DIgitalTown Hall event itself on June 13th at 9am. We created a make shift work space where you can interact with smart city stakeholders as you code the solution for what #LondonNeeds. Food, drinks, speakers, TED talk inspiration all included.

The kicker:

We announce the winner live on London Bridge. Folks in Miami standing by.

We’re merging the conventional economy and the sharing economy while at the same time expanding it. We can definitely interact and share with one another in more ways than we currently do. You know this London. To do it though, you need trust.

DigitalTown provides trust in the form of verified digital identity i.e. you are who you say you are. This is all part of the Smart Wallet API you’re building on. We enable users to build a reputation through acts of services and co creation i.e. it pays to be good. We’re taking this awesomeness and branding it London through the .LONDON registry. Represent yourself, your city, and take that reputation with you around the world.

Community Solutions

Improve your city, improving its community

Here are a few ideas for developments for the hackathon:
Playgrounds.London: Shared stewardship of community playgrounds
NoGraffiti.London: Community partnership to prevent, remove and prosecute Graffiti
Donate.London: Donate money or resources to persons in need.
CommunityBank.London: Invest in local projects from verified persons with expectation of a financial return.

Sharing Economy

World needs sharing solutions

These solutions would be awesome:
BikeShare.London: Share your Bike for money or karma.
Playgroup.London: Find and join a playgroup near you
FoodShare.London: Share prepared foods so they don’t go to waste
Farming.London: Community gardening
ShareHome.London: Connecting verified persons who need a place with those who have it
BookSwap.London: Review and Re-use Books Shared shelf-stable foods
ToyShare.London: Make used toys available

Peer to Peer

A community for deliverables

You can develop solutions for p2p retail like:
London.Fashion: Rent and Sell items for personal closets.
London.Bar: AirBnB for bars — Peer to peer bar for verified citizens of legal age
London.Wedding: Co-create a great wedding with local merchants and advisors
GardenCare.London: Hire a local gardener
CarCare.London: Hire a local mechanic, on-site or at a local garage

Or P2P solutions for services:
Babysitters.London: Find and book a verified local babysitter
Coworkers.London: Find a nearby coworking space operated by peers
Petcare.London: Direct booking platform for PetCare, Grooming, and PetSitting services.
HouseSit.London: Book a verified person as a HouseSitter.


Gerald DunnVice President at North Highland


Matt Ballantinestamp London Loughborough University


Leonardo ZangrandoInnovation Coach and Startup Advisor


Mike CartwrightCTO - DigitalTown


Let’s set some ground rules:

If you’re cool with all below, submit your final submission on or before 5 pm GMT on June 30th. Just email it to Also if not too much trouble, some context in your email please. Just answer these questions:

Sign up  here!

You should just do it now, but definitely do it before June 12th at 5pm

We’re all about squad goals

but the team is tops 5 people.

Absolute MUST here:

Have to include DigitalTown’s SSO - Single Sign On for authentication and user registration

If the solution involves payments,

use DigitalTown’s SmartWallet

Goes without saying

follow the rules folks

Product must be freshly built

i.e. no MVP that didn’t pan out around last Christmas

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